Where time doesn’t matter


It is incredible to finally let go. Leave your watch and phone in the room in the morning and really not think about it all day. It took a few days to get to this point, but out here there is no option. Our busy lives are filled with routines controlling our actions more than we realize. But you simply cannot be the only one tracking time and try to make appointments on a small island in the middle of the Pacific. Nobody cares. The time system here is called Island Time and it works like this: If you want to do something you tell someone you think have something to do with it, then you wait and sometimes it happens. It is a funny system and you might think that it is a negative thing or that it does not work, but that is just a wrong way of thinking. It works wonderful because it makes you relax like nothing else.


The first day I asked in the reception “when will the buss be here?”. She looked at me with this strange face. I didn’t know at the time, but nobody asks that. She pointed out the door, “just go out. Wait by the road and a buss will come.” My “when” had no meaning here…. but do you know what? I went out in the street, waited a while and a bus came. Just like she said. And nobody are making appointments so you will never be late for anything. When you let go and embrace, it is absolutely fantastic.


Now I do not even have a watch and have completely stopped asking. I recommend this exercise to everybody; I think it is a very healthy experience.


And if you ever want to be stuck somewhere without a watch, this is the place. This is paradise on earth. On this island it is 85 degrees in the air, 85 degrees in the ocean, night and day, 365 days a year. If you get hungry there are fresh fruits everywhere, abundance of fish in the ocean and fresh coconut juice within arms reach all over the island. The color palette with the bright blue sky, dark green palm trees and light green water, triggers happiness inside. Everywhere you turn your camera it looks like the cover of a magazine. Everybody you meet are happy and eager to share both meals and knowledge. How to “husk” and crack open a coconut with a simple stick is probably the first thing you learn and it is surprisingly easy. When I was a kid my father opened coconuts for me with a saw, now my kids just use a stick. So there is no option not to enjoy. You just sit still, listen to live ukulele music, let the soft warm sand sneak inn between your toes and eat a raw Ika Mata tuna salad you will never forget. In the evening they prepare Umu. Food wrapped in banana leaves and dug down in the ground with hot coals. When is dinner served?.

Sometime after nightfall – usually.


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