The real SeaWorld

Hai_12Forget SeaWorld, take your kids to the real experience. Not so far away. Off the coast of Palm Beach. Drifting in 4 knots current in mid water. One big box of chum. The visibility is medium. After minutes the first sharks appear out of the mist. The first is a bull shark, second is the beautiful silky shark. 6 feet long and passing so close we can look into his eyes. The pale velvet skin shimmer in the sunlight from above. Then more sharks appear. They are everywhere around us. It is shark diver paradise most swimmers on the beach is lucky unaware of.

Hai_22We have no idea how fast and far we are drifting because there are no reference points. Above only wavy surface, beneath an endless blue and everything else is drifting with us. My wonderful 14 years old daughter was a bit nervous before we jumped in. Now she is more calm. After an hour we surface, still surrounded. Short surface interval and then we do it again. What a fantastic experience.



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