Higher perspective

The pilot turns to us : “I am scared too, I have only done this twice!”

Then he laughs and pulls the handle. The roar of the helicopter engine drowns our anxious laughter. We lift off just a few meters, then the pilot bank to the right and drops into the city below. Behind us we can see the Peninsula hotel disappear in the afternoon haze. We slowly rise over busy Kowlon, pass over the crowded streets and head over the bay to the financial Hong Kong area.




The top floor of the Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong. Great design details. 

Shooting from above changes the perspective completely. It is magic. It is not far above ground before things start to happen. You see things differently. Colors change, light change, details becomes patterns, noise becomes beautiful patches of color, light and shadow play with big structures like they are tiny toys. You have probably had the same feeling in planes when you see your hometown from above or that magic thrill when breaking through the clouds into the constant blue sky.


Hovering with a helicopter you can expand these wonderful moments and really get to study landscapes like a bird. I rigged my Hasselblad out the window and shot this New York images. Now I also get to study them in great detail on my computer.


These images I shot out of a small Cessna plane in Africa on the way from Pemba to Mejumbe Island.

I recently also bought a drone and it soon became my favorite hobby! Keep it in my car all the time. When I have time between meetings I stop and fly. Collecting lots of wonderful small pictures and films. Share later.

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