The big one


OIL ON CANVAS 2.2 x 3.3 feet

This special mountaintop is called the “big one” and it comes from the name of the mountain. Store Skagastølstind. Our third highest peak at 2405 meter above sealevel. It is one of the most famous peaks in Norway and among climbers, a must. During the summer months it is possible to climb to the peak for more regular people but it is still some parts with extreme exposure to height. You find lots of clips on youtube like this one.

A beautiful mountain with so much dramatic history. It was long considered to be impossible to climb but in july 1876 a british climber named Slingsby managed to reach the peak. Years later a Norwegian team lead by Johannes Heftye manages to find an easier rout to the peak. Today the Heftye route is more common for most climbers.

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