Sweet glue



One of the true wonders of travelling is to discover new things you have no idea existed. It can be rituals, lifestyles, food, drinks, animals, insects, hunting techniques, cooking – basically anything. I love discovering and constantly add small stories to my life journey. There is no place I have visited that takes me longer in this quest than our large rainforests and especially the Amazon. Everything is different and everything is exotic to a person living in a big city. An example is the abundance of fruit growing wild everywhere. I can enjoy just picking bananas of a tree or cut a small sweet pineapple and feel the fresh taste. It is familiar fruits and tastes you recognize from grocery markets at home. Guavas, lemons, oranges, pineapples and melons, but when you travel with locals in the jungle they let you taste a lot of things you have never experienced before.



To me, a new fruit was the Abiu. Yellow, citrus like but so extremely sweet. When I took my first bite the guide warned me of the extreme sweetness. It was delicious, but then I understood the warning. The fruit sugar acted almost like glue on my lips and it was hard to open my mouth. He said they sometimes used it on kids who talk too much. I laughed with my mouth closed. We had to drink lots of water to make the stickiness disappear. A lot of places this fruit is considered a delicacy and the pulp of the fruit is used medicinally to treat cough and bronchitis. I ate everything they wanted me to taste and now when I get home I read about all the medical benefits. It has probably been a far healthier trip than I can imagine.

Red more about preparing food on the Amazon river: http://reflections.no/cyanide-for-dinner/

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