“Put your bare feet straight into the ladder!”

Sharks 2The message was clear and we all knew why. It was in the back of my head waiting to get out of the water. Just finished the safety stop and floated weightless below the surface behind the boat. One diver at the time up the ladder. The sharks circled us and sometimes wedged in between divers. Some divers pushed them off. When it is your turn, the drill is to hold on to the ladder, take your fin of and stick the bare foot straight into the ladder. No pale, delicious feet swirling around in this water.

I was one of the last ones out. Deep inside I really never want to go out of the water. Don’t like the dives to end. This one was especially exiting, so I was last.


Back here I had time to think. Just watching the people, the sparkling blue surface, the boat bouncing up and down in the waves, and these fantastic predators roaming around us. I just realized. I really love diving, completely calm and suspended in Open Ocean like this. But this sight is why I never can enjoy a swim out in Open Ocean. You know, when you are out on a boat with friends and everybody wants to play in the water. Dive from the decks, swim, scream and trash the water. Looking at it from this perspective it looks like the behavior of wounded animals. I can understand why that attracts attention. But diving here, to me, is so different. Down here I am part of their environment. We look at each other. Swim along side. And one big difference is that I see everything.


On the sundeck with steady speed back to shore, I enjoy the warm sun on my cold and wet body. I looked out on the open ocean. I would love to dive here again soon, but didn’t feel like a swim.

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