Photo Workshop


I run workshops for groups of photo enthusiasts both for land and under water. It is three-day program. I set up private groups with 5-15 people. I like small groups because you will get more value for money. I run long days and want everybody to expand their positive experience with photography.

Send requests through the contact form.

Day 1

First day covers the technical issues of photography. From basic to more advanced. Aperture, exposure, ISO values, depth of field, focus, lens selections etc. Then we do lighting, color and contrasts. Understanding limitations and opportunities.

Day 2

You capture images but then what happens? Day 2 we cover everything from resolution, post work, Photoshop basics, corrections, storing and cataloging – and maybe the most important, how do you distribute your work.

Day 3

We know the basic about photography and now we cover the most important issue “why”. Why do you photograph. How do you see your images and make your choices. How do you tell a story with your camera? Learn to explain your work. This is the great inspiration day. We do tests together so you see the difference.

Then the next days we play together and explore the endless possibilities of this fantastic art form.