“No we are not lost, we just don’t know where we are.”


Not a very comforting answer but I had to ask. I am in a small boat with three complete strangers and they have been arguing for a while. I don’t speak Amazone portugese so have no idea what it is about. We have been driving up river all day and like the previous days we don’t start looking for a campsite before nightfall. This day is a little differrent, we have entered a dead end of the river three times and had to return. It is getting dark fast and we pick up our lights. We are not navigating on maps, just the local knowledge of the boatman. I have no idea how he finds the right way in this flooded forest. To me everything looks the same and there are optional routes in all directions all the time. I have been totally comfortable with this until now.


He looks frustrated – so I ask Robinson, the only guy speaking a little English. “are we lost?”. He laughs of my stupid question – then I laugh of his answer. He breaks the subject and kills my next question “let’s camp”. We turn the boat and our lights towards the dense forest. Use our lights to look for an opening that fits our boat. We have one guy in front with machete chopping a path and dragging the boat into the wild jungle. The others carefully look for snakes and other dangers hiding in the trees before we finally find land and start the camp preparations. Silently I work with a little worry about being lost in the biggest Rainforest on earth.

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