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6 kopierHave you ever really studied a sculpture? I know a lot of people do, but I guess the majority of people probably don’t. I don’t mean look at sculptures, get fascinated, take a picture and move on. I mean really look at it. Take some time, open your senses and let it sink in. Walk around it and se how it changes in different light, different perspective and different field of view. Experience how it changes and express different things. Walk up close, look at the craftsmanship and picture in your head what it takes to create it. Kneel down and view it from a low angle with the sky as background and see how it becomes majestic, isolated from the background and get more intense. Have you ever studied a sculpture at different times of the day and seen how the sunlight changes dramatically how the sculpture appear? On mid day, the light comes straight from above, creates hard shadows and almost overexposes everything. Early morning and evening, the light becomes soft and golden, the shadows long, some parts becomes highlighted and other details disappear in the shadows making the experience more magical.

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With my camera I try to see the world this way. This is a sculpture park very close to my house. The biggest park in Oslo and home to the wonderful work of world-renowned artist Gustav Vigeland. It is the biggest park in the world decorated by one single artist and displays more than 200 large sculptures. I walk here a lot. Sometimes just for exercise, sometimes for time to think and sometimes to meet friends or walk dogs.

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But today I really looked at the sculptures. Looked at the details. Isolated parts. Saw the expressions. The light. The drama. It is about life. Relationships to our kids, our spouse, our parents and to our self. Struggle. Work. Sadness. Joy. Family. Thoughtfulness. It is about being young and it is about getting old. If you stop and let it sink in, it is about you and about your life.


Today I walked with my daughter. We talked about life. About school. Friends. The divorce. Holidays. The future. Education. Opportunities. In the end of the park we can see over to the cemetery where we buried my father only 6 months ago. It is still difficult for both of us. Can’t think of a better place to walk for a talk like this.

I took pictures, so you see what I mean.


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