Singapore_treesIn the heart of the world metropol Singapore they have created a magical place called Garden By the Bay. It is a mix of modern, high tech architecture and tropical nature. You enter the park and see the supertrees. It is huge manmade structures filled with plants making the appearance of giant trees. You walk in the shade of these large trees and feel you are in an avatar movie. But to me the most amazing experience is inside the giant dome of glass called the cloud forest. In here they have created a physical path through a tropical rainforest. Built around a huge and tall organic shape filled with trees, plants and flowers.

CludForest 3

You walk around, inside and through holes in the structure as if it where a huge tree. From the entrance level it is many stories to the top. On the way you experience plants, flowers and giant waterfalls. More than 500.000 species of plants are presented in the park and a lot of this is in here in the cloud forest. In addition they have placed small statues, carved wood figures and pieces of art in a wonderful harmony with the natural elements.


The whole park is a learning experience with real physical examples, text and sound. You can rent digital players that interact with the exhibitions or just read the info plates along the pathway. The grand tour takes you all the way to the top of the canopies, along the paths through the forest, into the mineral caves inside the structure and all the way to the basement. The walk is refreshing, cool and the smell of the forest is intense.


Through the vegetation and windows of the dome you can see the Singapore skyline in the background. This makes a surrealistic contrast between raw nature and the hyper modern society. The giant waterfalls make the air inside the dome fresh, moist and cool. It is a wonderful and refreshing experience coming in from the hot humid and busy steel and concrete city.

Flowers 3Flowers

No wonder it is the worlds top 20 most checked in places on Facebook and visited by more than 20 million people in the first 3 years since it opened.

Mineral 1

Down in the basement are huge multimedia areas explaining the current condition of our planet – and we know it is not good. On a large projected screen a film gives us the prediction of the consequences when the temperature on earth rise by 2 degrees. Ice melting, water rising, animals suffer, fresh water shortage and the death of our wonderful coral reefs. So the whole experience is ending with a sad feeling of the reality of our planet. The changes we see is just a beginning the challenges we face are enormous.



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