OIL ON CANVAS 2.2 x 3.3 feet

Oh, just had to do this one. In the series of painting famous peaks – I had to do Everest. I must admit that seeing the documentaries on TV really get to me. To me the most special moment is when a climber calls home to his wife after giving up the decent and says good-bye…and it is the actual phone call. I just feel hair rising on my arms and tears running down my cheek. It is the brutal reality of exploring the world’s most hostile environments.

I am fascinated by the stories and the wild nature. I love the intense graphic contrasts of the white snow, almost black rocks and bright blue skies. Climbing mountains is not really my thing, but the exploring part of this, is very much the same I find in my under water projects. I love the answer Sir Hillary gave the reporter when asked “why” after being the first on the summit – “Because it is there”. When starting out cave diving in the early 90’s we often got the same questions. My good friend leading those expeditions answered something quite similar. “If you look at what we do, hear our stories and see what we achieve – and ask us “why” – then there is no need to give an answer, you will never understand.”

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