Edge Of Reason

Edge_mainThe engine stops and the small diving boat glides through the water. The horizon is completely free of boats and our island just a tiny green dot behind us. I understand why they have mounted a second emergency engine at the back of the boat. The next island is Madagascar out there somewhere. We are passing over a shallow area. I look over the side and see light sand patches in the crystal clear water. The color of the water looks light green. Silence is broken by the loud sound of anchor chains rushing out. Then the light green color becomes dark blue. The boat is anchored over a 2000 feet drop off and this dive site is called Edge Of Reason.


We gear up under a small sunroof and a small breeze helps keeping the overheating to a minimum. We are outside Mozambique not far from equator and the heat is intense. Finally I roll backwards into the cool water. I let the water into my wetsuit and feel my heart rate slow down. I clear my mask and take a look around. There is a sharp edge of reef as far as I can see and on the outside just the big blue. The tones of blue get darker and darker when I look down into the abyss.


I sink slowly down to the edge and wait for the others. We group together, adjust the camera equipment and kick out from the edge. This must be the same feeling as base-jumping only in controlled slow motion. We sink weightless slowly down the wall until we reach target depth. I feel this strange urge to just continue to fall in slow motion. Just disappear into the darkness. Maybe this is why it is called Edge of Reason. But not this time, I inflate and come to a complete stop. Hanging completely weightless like this is magic. The wall is full of corals and fish that hide when we swim closer. A sign of a reef not frequently visited by divers. At this depth the large gorgonians are not beaten down by waves and grow to enormous size.


There is abundance of fish swimming in big schools along the wall and below we can make out silhouettes of bigger fish. We ascend a few feet and swim into a small cave full of fish. In here the fish reluctantly move and just leaves a little passage for us to pass through. We can almost touch them. The cave makes a small turn and we are back out on the wall. We end the dive at a long safety stop in shallow water, right on the edge. I get a few minutes to think just looking down into the blue darkness. I wonder what is down there.


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  1. Cynthia King | 10. January 2016 at 00:05 | Reply

    This leaves me wanting more of the story. Nicely worded, as it really took me there. The vast sea fills my mind with wonder.

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