Don’t talk about this


Addressing the right problems is a big issue in our modern world. We pack the important issues away, hide it and tone it down. Sometimes we do this to protect others but most often to protect ourselves. It is difficult and may feel unbearable to stay in bare reality – so we turn away. You probably recognize this. We do it with our children, we do it at work and we do it to ourselves every day. It is easy and comfortable to talk about the nice stuff, the success, the holidays, your achievements at the gym and all the other positive stories. Most people are not even aware how much this happens in our everyday life. It is baked into our language and our culture. Ever tried to explain to your 10 year old daughter her pet died? We find new words everyday for difficult themes. You are not crippled anymore, you are disabled. Mentally challenged. You are having issues…and in politics, god knows how many ways they find to explain a failure. Slowly we accept the new words and phrases and we create a distance to reality. Who are we protecting? Them? Ourselves? It is more comfortable, until you really have to solve problems or deal with the hard realities. How often have you been in a meeting like this. Everybody around the table knows what the real problem is, but everybody are suggesting new and positive ways to get around it. The boss is a psychopath, the decision taken by the management is a disaster, the new product we launched taste horrible, etc. Adressing the the real issue is the only way to not waste everybodys time, but still we sit for hours. The real issue is talked about in the hallway and to colleagues off the record. It happens in every relation with other people in some way.

Ok, big issue. I have lots of thoughts about this, but I am an artist, so I express it like this.

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