Color talk


As a diver you get to visit the underwater world in short intervals. Just as long as the air you bring last. Even if I have done this in so many years, I still feel it is too soon every time I have to surface. It is just as if the most interesting things you see always happen in the end of the dive. Like this story. We where swimming in shallow water after a deep reef dive and suddenly we saw something moving in the shallows. It immediately grabbed attention because the movement was different from other fish schools. We moved closer and saw what it was.


I have seen reef squids on a few occasions and it is so fascinating. If they let you stay close you can see the colors shifting constantly while they move almost in patterns. They communicate with color and pattern on their bodies. They can send one message via color patterns to a squid on their right, while they send another message to a squid on their left. It is a wonderful experience to hover motionless with them. Every picture I take is different from the other. When watching on my computer after the dive it is difficult to see that the whole series is one individual.


I wonder if we one day will be able to translate and understand what they are saying. Maybe somewhere in the future, with enough picture material we can put together a system to talk back – only to find out they are making fun of our slow swimming. Who knows?

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