Gentle Giants

If you ever get the chance, you have to do this! In the summer plankton blooms in a special area outside Mexico. It is a…

Lars_Witberg 1679

Strange display

I am about to end the dive. I have been swimming back over a shallow sand patch for a few minutes and I can see…


Color talk

As a diver you get to visit the underwater world in short intervals. Just as long as the air you bring last. Even if I…


Christmas all year

These colorful tree-shaped tube-dwelling worms live in most tropical reefs around the world. They are called Christmas Tree Worms. They live inside the reef and…


Close the windows!

For the last mile the windows had been open. We where in Queen Elisabeth National Park, Uganda, on our way to Bwindi. Just passing through….


Crossing Uganda

“This was a delicious fish”. We sat in a hot back yard garden of a small hotel outside Kampala. Just checked in after a long…


Walking Matemo

The car stops in the sand with the headlights into the bushes. We had definitely reached the end of the main road. Calling this a…

UV 05 Seahorse 3


What a funny name for such a small and harmless little creature. Hippo – horse and campus – sea monster. They are about 54 different…


Cleaning station

Stenopus hispidus is perhaps the most widely distributed shrimp in the sea but still not to often you see one. Then you travel to the…