CANON EOS 5D SR review

I have always been waiting for the high resolution SLR competing with the professional studio cameras – but packed light for adventure travel.

I don’t know if I was the first, but I dragged a 50mp digital Hasselblad into the rainforest of Uganda to photograph the mountain gorillas 3 years ago. The dream was to take those magic moments in as high resolution as possible. I wanted to print the images in huge scale so you could see every hair on the incredible animals. But the dream did not turn out the way I planed. The camera was right out of the box but stopped working before I entered the forest. Now a few years later I know it would not turn out the way I dreamed even if it had worked. To get the magic results from that camera, you need plenty of light, slow moving objects and every shot on tripod. So when the animals live on the ground under the canopies, in dim light and in what they call “inpenetrable forest” – it is just not the equipment to bring.

I ended up shooting everything on my Canon 1ds and 5d. I have never actually struggled with the 22 mp resolution but now when they launch the 50 mp, I just had to try and see if this is closer to the initial dream.

I just took it out of the box so this is the immediate response post. More will follow.

First response is the body. It is identical of the previous 5d and that is perfect because then everything from underwater housing to raincovers will fit perfectly. I like this approach because you are familiar with everything the moment you put the battery in. And why not really? It is a perfect size and I have dragged my 5d through moist rainforest, freezing cold mountain expeditions and deep under water and I have never encountered any problems – they just work. So I am happy they stick to the same housing.

A couple of things before we go to the main thing. Happy to find live focus on the video mode and let’s see if 6400 iso is enough for low light situations. That is one plus and one minus, but the main thing is the resolution. 8688 x 5792 pixels makes filesize to 144 mb pr image. You can crop the image in half and still be at your previous 5d or 1ds picture size!

I grabbed a macro lens and my twin strobes and headed for the local forest. Here is one image from today. You see it in four steps from the total image to the 100% scale. I don’t know what more there is to say really. I think my initial dream is here.

I will write a more detailed review shortly, but enjoy the images for now.






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