Beach landing

MainPeople gather in groups. Reading the sign on the fence and discuss how close it is safe to be. Nobody really knows but everyone wants to get as close as possible. The sign is quite clear. It is potentially very dangerous. The discussion is about how dangerous a landing is to a take off. When it is a take off you get the full power of the engines and the jet blast will hit the place we stand. A landing will not be like that – right? It is a famous place and one of the few places you get to stand so close to a jumbo jet landing and taking off. Maho Beach, Sint Maarten, Caribbean.


The bars on both sides are crowded. People sit on the fences and keep their eyes on the skies. Then a tiny spot in the skies takes all the attention. Everybody takes position with cameras and selfie poles. It is almost eleven o’clock and we know the spot is 747 KLM from Amsterdam. It gets bigger and steers right at us. Then everything just becomes a big roar of sound and the surrealistic experience of a huge plane basically almost landing on the beach. Fantastic experience!

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