Shark attracting button

Shark Doble

I saw it in the corner of my eye. It was quite far away. Me and my buddy was hanging out under the boat for a long safety stop. I turned my flash on to photograph a small barracuda passing between us. At the moment I switched the button, the shark turned in the distance and steered straight at me like it was on rails. It picket up speed and I had to duck to let it pass over my head. I turned off the flash and just as fast it was gone out of sight. I looked at my buddy. We smiled and shrugged our sholders.

I turned  my flash back on and the same happened. This time it passed so close over my head that I could feel the rough skin on the top of my head. It only happened whit this particular shark and it has not happened before. I have no idea what triggers this behaviour, but how cool isn’t that? To have a shark attraction button on your camera equipment?

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