October 2015


Pool is open

First day on the dive boat is about getting to know the people, the boat and the procedures. Going to bed early and sleep tight…


Fruit crying water

We entered an old canoe carved out from a large tree. We borrowed it from a family living by the river. I thought it would…


Sweet glue

One of the true wonders of travelling is to discover new things you have no idea existed. It can be rituals, lifestyles, food, drinks, animals,…


The Admirals

The British entomologist James Petiver named this group of butterflies “the admirals” already in 1699. He thought the colors and pattern looked like the admiral…


Gentle Giants

If you ever get the chance, you have to do this! In the summer plankton blooms in a special area outside Mexico. It is a…


The Golden Hour

You have probably heard about this a lot and understood the importance of light when photographing. You have probably also looked at your own pictures…



OIL ON CANVAS 2.2 x 3.3 feet Oh, just had to do this one. In the series of painting famous peaks – I had to do…


The big one

OIL ON CANVAS 2.2 x 3.3 feet This special mountaintop is called the “big one” and it comes from the name of the mountain. Store Skagastølstind….

Lars_Witberg 1679

Strange display

I am about to end the dive. I have been swimming back over a shallow sand patch for a few minutes and I can see…