Eremos is Greek and means “living alone” and that is the reason for the name Hermit Crab. They seek refuge in abandoned snail shells and as you can see it is not room for more than one. As they grow they have to find larger shells. When threatened they disappear into the shell but usually come back out if you leave them alone for a couple of minutes. This crab was walking on a large leaf of kelp in the clear, ice cold winter water of the Oslo Fjord. Depth was only 8 meters. Sometimes the shells over grow with vegetation and look like small bushes when they move on the bottom. So even if the name says they are living alone, they usually live in symbiotic relationships with anemones and other life forms on the outside shell. The Hermit Crabs is a large family of more than 1000 species usually beautiful in color and easy to study. What a wonderful underwater world!

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