Maybe it survives because it is so hard to find? It has no defense mechanisms and it can hardly swim, but when it curls its tail around pieces of kelp and move with the flow of the water, it is almost impossible to spot. I have spent so many hours looking for seahorses and found a technique that seems to work. I place myself flat on the bottom and look horizontal over the kelp. Sometimes I get lucky and see their heads sticking up.  Absolutely fascinating creatures. The male has a pouch on his belly where the female deposit the eggs when mating. He carries the eggs for about 45 days until they are fully developed. It can be up to 1500 eggs in the pouch. After the tiny seahorses are out they are on their own and the male leaves.
This seahorse is about 5 inches long and quite large. You can see parts of the pouches on the front side. Wonderful creature!

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