I think curiosity is one of the most important capacities we can have. Besides emotional, cognitive and a strong sense of humor, I rate curiosity among the top capacities of intelligent people. To me curiosity is like a treasure hunt. You explore, dig, search and keep all senses open – and often you stumble upon things that surprise you. It can be small or big things that makes you think, it adds to your knowledgebase and widens your horizon. To me this is the treasures that feeds the hungry mind.
I just found one. I was looking through pictures from diving in the Mediterranean a few months back. My daughter and me off the north coast of Mallorca. We were diving through nice formations covered in long sea grass, and as usual I don’t find diving in the Mediterranean too interesting. It is often so sadly lifeless with few fish and not too much marine life. I always study a little bit before I write so I searched to find out more about the environmental conditions in the Mediterranean. Among tons of sad stories about endangered species and pollution, I stumbled across a lot of information about the seagrass covering the bottom on our divesites. It was text like this: “A sprawling meadow of seagrass in the shallows of the Mediterranean may be the oldest living organisms on Earth. Scientists calculated the age of the plants from DNA tests on clumps gathered from the seafloor between Spain and Cyprus.
They revealed the typical age of the seagrass, Posidonia oceanica, to be thousands or tens of thousands of years old, though some appeared more ancient still. A 15km-wide stretch of seagrass lying in waters off the Spanish island of Formentera could be 200,000 years old, the scientists found, dating it to the late Pleistocene and the dawn of humanity” ...and suddenly I view seagrass in a whole new light. I had no idea it was like this.

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