I know Camels are the most common animals in some parts of the world but to me it is exotic and a very strange animal. When learning more about them it becomes even more fascinating. They are so extremely adapted to this hot dessert life and can withstand longer periods of dehydration and heat than any other mammal. You probably know about the fatty tissue in their backs and the feet designed for walking in sand, but did you know that compared to other livestock that loose 20-40 liters of fluids every day the camel loose only about 1.3 liters. They also have a complex system of arteries and veins from the head to assist cooling of the brain. So when temperatures reach 50 degrees Celsius and other animals collapse, the camels do not even sweat and their brains remain cool. Unlike other mammals their red blood cells are oval and not round. This facilitates the flow of red blood cells during dehydration. An adult camel weighs around 600 kg and can drink 200 liters of water in three minutes and when you look at their strange faces it is not a coincidence they look this way. When the camel exhales, water vapor becomes trapped in their nostrils and is reabsorbed into the body, as a means to conserve water. So like they say in the computer business; it is not a bug – it is a feature!
So when they fold their legs in all the weird directions, lay down in the burning sand and gives you this lazy look with their fancy long eyebrows – they are just very confident that they can outperform any other animal in this environment - including you. 
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