The silver arrow of the sea. The Barracuda. They can reach speed up to 27 miles per hour and with their long, fang like teeth, they’re pray seldom escapes. They feed on other fast fish like Jacks, mackerel and tunas, but also eat grunts, groupers and snappers.
They have a bad reputation because they have attacked some swimmers, but those incidents are extremely rare and probably happen out of mistake. 
When diving we usually meet them up under the surface. Sometimes only one or two, other times in large schools with several hundred individuals. They never seem scared of divers. We can swim through huge schools or approach large solitary Barracudas for close up pictures.
There is a myth about them attacking things that shine or sparkle, in that case I would have been gone a long time ago. My diving equipment both shine and sparkle and my photography equipment even multiflash. Never experienced aggressive behavior from Barracudas.
On this dive, large barracudas circled around us when doing our safety stop under the boat. This behavior usually comes as a result of regular feeding. We could study each other for several minutes. When I hold the camera in front of the fish I have this feeling it is looking at its reflection in the glass dome and get more curious. The streamline, long and silver color body looks almost chrome when the flashes hit. Beautiful fish!

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