Diving over a shallow sand area. Water slightly murky from a long day with waves. Not much to see. Then I spot something large moving in the distance. First I see only a dark shadow. I swim closer. My heart fills with joy when I see what it is. A turtle. Busy eating grass from the bottom. It does not mind me coming closer. I stay still for a while. It eats grass on the bottom around me. Sometimes it stops, study me for a few seconds, and then continue. After maybe 5 minutes it surface for air and come back down to continue eating. 
On the beach not far from here, people are working around the clock to protect these beautiful and endangered species. Protecting their nesting sites. Closing the beaches at night so they can lay their eggs in peace and safety. Make local companies turn off their lights at night. Reroute boat traffic. And after weeks, the eggs hatch and they gently release the young turtles on the beach and guard them on the short journey into the ocean. Hopefully this work will help the turtles from extinction and generations after us can also experience these wonderful encounters.

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